Jeff Green: 'I'm going to continue to follow KG's advice - be aggressive, be an a**hole'

The faces in this picture always get me. 
Remember last year when KG said that Jeff Green needed to be more of an asshole on the court? Well, those words eventually helped Green turn his season around as he became more aggressive and far more productive in the 2nd half of the season.

It turns out, Green still remembers that talk, and plans on continuing to play that way.

I like how Green clarifies: "Yes, I said asshole".

Listen, we all know that Green is an incredibly nice guy off the court. And that's awesome. But he absolutely needed more "a-hole" in his game, and whether it was KG's talk or something else, he certainly became a better, more aggressive player as last season winded down.

Now this season is about becoming more of a consistent asshole. And if he can do that, he'll be well on his way to an All-Star caliber season.

P.S. Just as if it wasn't crystal clear already, Green's light hearted persona off the court ain't changing.

And that's A-ok.

h/t Evans Clinchy, Jay King and Paul Flannery for the tweets

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