The Celtics call Dwight Howard's agent to see if DH12 would want to come to Boston in sign-and-trade

And Dwight made it quite he would not. Per Gary Washburn.

As Washburn said, this was merely a courtesy, and Howard's response is hardly a surprise. With that said, if I'm Howard I would at least listen to what the Celtics would offer up, and what their plan was in regards to adding additional talent to him and Rajon Rondo.

Could the Celtics have still had the assets, perhaps 2-3 first round picks, to make a run at Josh Smith or Monta Ellis in a sign-and-trade? Probably not, but considering the Celtics plethora of assets (9 first round picks between 2014-2018, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk), it's not impossible.

But then again, Howard has enough teams after him that can offer him max money and beautiful weather (plus in income tax), that the Celtics just can't compete in the aesthetics department. Not to mention he just may rather play with James Harden or Steph Curry than Rondo, a pretty valid thought. Plus, what are the odds the Lakers would ship Howard to Boston? Probably even lower than the chances they would ship him to Houston or Golden State.

Either way, the Dwight Howard to Boston dream can now die before it ever truly lived. RIP.

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