Scal called Ainge for a job, was 4th on list

Would you want Scal as the Celtics coach?

Alright. I know this was probably a joke, but let's say it wasn't. Would you want Scal as the Celtics coach? For anyone that reads my posts, which are so infrequent they are practically nonexistent, you know I have a massive man crush on Scal. He's probably in my top 5 people I've ever wanted to meet in person.

That being said, in all honesty he probably needs more experience either as a NBA assistant coach or as a coach in the NCAA. The success of Mark Jackson in Golden State probably will lead to more Jason Kidd situations in the future. However, I think just like any other profession, a person can't just jump into head coaching on the professional level right away. That being said, if anyone can do it it is my main man Scal. Still waiting for that one on one match up ginger brother!