Pierce had to convince KG to waive no trade clause with 90 min. phone call

As most Celtics fans can imagine, it took a little convincing to get Kevin Garnett to waive his no trade clause to get him to Brooklyn. According to Chris Forsberg of the worldwide leader local branch, Pierce had to convince KG with a 90 minute phone call to accept the trade to Nets.

KG is as loyal as they come, if Pierce didn’t accompany on the final destination of a trade there’s no way he waives his no trade clause. The fact that the career Celtic had to convince KG to allow a trade raises KG that much more in my mind. His loyalty is unquestioned, if there’s any silver lining in this painful goodbye it’s that it pains KG as much as it does us. I don’t know about you guys I can’t wait for his return to the Jungle, I can guarantee it will be rockin that night.

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