It's about what is on the Front of the jersey not the Back

I was all set to write a totally emo blog about how my life will never be the same without Pierce and KG, but then I realized something. As much as both of these guys meant to our franchise, and keep in mind Pierce has probably been the most influential sports figure in my life, at the end of the day the name on the front of the jersey is what matters.

Players come and go. This is a business, even though as fans we don't see it that way. It's not a normal business though, where you go in and type up TPS reports. It's a business people pay hundreds of dollars for., get in fights over, and cry about. I don't think people are crying over watching me phone screen candidates( well maybe they are, I get deep).  The point is, although pro sports are technically a business, they are also entertainment which is why we invest so much of our hearts into them.

I couldn't sleep the night Pierce and KG were traded to the Nets. Piece was a Celtic since I got my first girlfriend in 8th grade. Pierce not on the Celtics is like my kayak not on the Potomac river. It doesn't make sense. KG was only here for 6 years, but it seemed like 16. Haters will say he's dirty, but the guy cared more about his teammates and the game than anyone I've seen since Jordan.\

I'll miss those guys, but come Christmas Day( you know they will schedule these two against each other), or whenever the first match-up is, I will be 100 percent for the green because the Celtics name outweighs any player(besides maybe Bird, I heart him so.).

I don't know much about half these guys we have now, but I'm looking forward to getting to know them. I'm looking forward to a huge year from Sully who I think when healthy can be a 16 and 10 guy in this league for 12 years. I look forward to Rondo taking the reigns completely and becoming a top 2 or 3 point guard in this league( if he's not already). I look forward to Jeff Green showing the consistency and dominance I know he can and scoring 22 points a game. I look forward to Gerald Wallace and Kardashian hopefully leaving(I just can't root for Humphries). There is a 0 percent chance that guy is chill in real life.

Though this next season may not bring as many wins, it will be one of the most interesting seasons in recent history. The fan in me hated the trade and still kind of hates it, but I've now accepted it. It's like a breakup. You can either dwell on it and sulk or move on and look toward the future. Think of all the draft picks we have. Think of the young core in Rondo, Green, and Sully coupled with a couple more young studs next year. Think about the promise we have.

At the end of the day we bleed Celtic green, not KG green, or Pierce green, or even Larry Bird green(actually I bleed Larry Bird green). We need to remember we are Celtics fans first and players come second. Bleeding green no matter who is on the floor for life.