Doc and Thibodeau Encouraged Scal to Coach

After signing on as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors, Brian Scalabrine revealed that both Tom Thibodeau and Doc Rivers encouraged him to make the jump to coaching.

"What really moved the needle for me was guys like (Tom) Thibodeau and Doc (Rivers) — guys I really respect — were telling me I should coach," Scalabrine said. "I didn't know if I wanted to yet. Then I started working with (agent) Arn (Tellem's) clients and getting them ready for the draft. And I really had a good time making a difference. With the broadcasting, it was fun, but I wasn't making a difference day in and day out.

"Then when I met with Coach (Mark) Jackson, after five minutes I was no longer thinking, 'I'm not going to do this.' All I was thinking was, 'How can I convince my wife I can do this?' I sat there for like an hour thinking, 'OK, what can I say to make her believe this is a good move?' I'm hooked."
-Via K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

Seeing these former Celtics still supporting each other really reminds you how special the franchise is. For other teams, there are often no long-term friendships between coaches and their benchwarmers, let alone their superstars (I'm looking at you, Dwight and Van Gundy). Being a Celtic is different, however, for camaraderie remains even after the glory days are over.

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