Better be more than Fab-ulous: 14th Celtics Podcast in Spanish

As you have noticed, the week was very quite concerning the Celtics news. But we still sat down to discuss all that we got to know from our team and had a very good time doing it.

We started with the reminiscences of the press conference given by the Nets with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. We discussed the different reactions fans had on this crucial moments for the franchise and the words said by both cornerstones of the franchise who just left town. We felt Pierce was clearly down and very uneasy during the event, while Kevin looked a little bit more enthusiastic to try and fight for the championship again.

As a detail, we focus on the words by KG and Paul passing the leadership to the team to Rajon Rondo, showing their support and love for Rajon. We feel it is a very classy move by the veterans to signal the value of Rondo as a future leader of the team and their sadness to leave him at the lowest moment of his career since he is recovering from his injury and will have to fight with not such a promising team as when the Big Three was in town.

After that we discuss the signings of Phil Pressey and Vitor Faverani. As you know by now, we are big fans of the point guard and we have high expectations for him as a potential backup for Rondo.

As for Faverani, you need to check our show to know so you get some inside information on the big man coming from the Spanish League. The office has long ago watched the evolution of Faverani, particularly in his days in Málaga and Valencia since two of the members of CelticsSpa live in those towns: Alessandro (Malaga) and Ramsés (Valencia). We have some valuable information on the Brazilian big man that American fans may find intriguing.

We sincerely hope Faverani does better than his countryman Melo. It will not very tough for him to reach the level of our underachieving center. As a matter of fact, the future of Melo is one of the questions we are wondering in the office during this summer.

After this we wonder about the next transactions ahead for Danny Ainge in the next weeks. The most urgent matter is whether or not Shavlik Randoph will make the roster. We know that Danny wants to keep him, but unless there is a trade in the next days, the team will have to move on from the Shav era as well.

After discussing the main news from Beantown, we answer the questions from our listeners and try to have an entertaining evening filled with green talk and optismism.

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