Nobody wants to trade for Jordan Crawford?!!!!!

Last week, our own Mark Vandeusen had this crazy idea that the Celtics should try to trade Jordan Crawford. Seems like it was a good one, as CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely's sources tell him that Danny Ainge could have the same thought.

Jay King,
According to, Jordan Crawford could be a casualty of the shooting guard depth. A. Sherrod Blakely reported Thursday that the Celtics would "love" to trade the 24-year old, but haven't found much, if any, interest.

"Look at that their team?" a source told Blakely about the Celtics. "(Crawford) and MarShon Brooks are basically the same kind of player. No sense in keeping both of them around if you can help it."

Of course, there are some steep challenges to trading Crawford. The Washington Wizards basically gave the guy away, they took Jason Collins and an out-for-the-year Leandro Barbosa back for him. As King notes in his report, Crawford doesn't exactly have the reputation of a mature and respectable player (Marijuana socks, bench pouting, that verbal spout with the Knicks where he may or may not have brought up Melo's wife again).

Add that to the fact that his favorite shot is the worst shot, and so far you suprisingly have no takers!!

"Anybody want a guy that might make your coach so crazy he'll retire to a secluded cabin in the Alps with nothing but a swiss army knife and a bottle of toothpaste?...

or, even worse, bolt for the Clippers?....

So, that's a no then?"

I actually didn't mind Jordan Crawford when he was like the 9th man for the team. He's there to take the crazy shots and be a mini-irrational confidence guy. One of the big challenges is probably that the roster packed Celtics don't want to take back more salary or players for Crawford, since they are currently over the luxury tax with a bad team. Not the best situation to be in.

The Celtics do need to get rid of somebody though, should it be Crawford?

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