Before hiring Stevens, Ainge spoke to Scalabrine about head coach position

I was just joking with the Mike's (Saver and Dyer) today that the Celtics should hire Scal to coach. Apparently the thought at least crossed Danny Ainge's mind as well as he had informal conversations with the former Celtic.
Before securing Stevens' interest and commitment to Boston's head-coaching job, Ainge talked informally about the position with popular former Celtic Brian Scalabrine, sources told Y! Sports.

Ainge believes Scalabrine — who is strongly considering an assistant coaching job with the Golden State Warriors — has a future in coaching and talked in broad terms about the job with him, sources said. Nothing ever advanced to a formalized interview, though.

It must be asked now why is Scal going for the Warriors position? Why not join Stevens' staff in Boston? Seems like the obvious fit.

A couple other tidbits from the Woj article are that Jay Larranaga will now have to decide whether he wants to stay in Boston and join Stevens' staff or go to L.A. with Doc. Also it turns out that the Celtics emptied the bank for Stevens. 6 years and $22 million. This is what you call great security. Let's say Stevens only lasts 3 years and gets fired. Well he'd actually end up making more in those 3 years than Doc would have. Of course if he ends up becoming a great NBA coach and stays all 6 years then the Celtics save some money by locking him in now. It also should be noted to snag a very sought after college coach you have to offer a very handsome salary. Stevens wasn't leaving Butler for a 2 year $6 million dollar contact or anything like that.