Window Closing

Not sure what to call this digital art/commentary but it certainly brings us no delight this afternoon as reality of an ending era is made palpable by the recent departure of Doc Rivers and current talk of moving KG and Pierce to Brooklyn.

But recall when this current crop of Celtics were brought together back in 2007-08 and how the proverbial window was conservatively estimated at just three years.  C's won the crown that same season and the KG-Pierce-Ray Allen trio went on to pry that window open for four more years (five if you count this past season minus Judas Shuttlesworth...) and they remained competitive each season - even playing in another Finals (and almost two).

But now the window is surely closing.  Nothing left for us to do but to thank the guys responsible for #Banner17 and look forward to the next era of C's who will hopefully fulfill the dream of #Banner18 soon.

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