Report: Rondo might be next to want out

According to Sekou Smith on, Rajon Rondo might not want to stick around with the new Celtics.
Ray Allen was the first to leave, bolting for Miami and another title in free agency last summer. Rivers opted for a chance to take the Clippers to the same plateau he reached with the Celtics in the final six of his nine seasons with the team. Ainge is clearly trying to make the next move by engaging in these talks, and what sources indicate are many more, in regards to the remaining members of his core.

Not even Rajon Rondo, the Celtics’ injured All-Star point guard, is off-limits, according to a league executive who informed that Rondo is waiting to see who Ainge replaces Rivers with and what happens this summer before deciding if he wants to be a part of the rebuild that the other members of the core are clearly trying to avoid.

Personally I find a "league executive" as a pretty weak source for where Rajon Rondo's head is at, but the fact is that Rondo's contract will be expiring soon and like other stars in this league he will have a say in where he wants to go. So let's say next winter Ainge tries to trade Rondo like he attempts to every trade deadline, Rondo could nix some potential landing spots by simply saying there is no chance that he'd resign with that team. So trading Rondo to a team like the Bobcats or Kings would a much more difficult task.

We'll keep you posted if we hear anymore about how Rondo feels about his future. So far I don't believe that any of the local or national media has even interviewed Rondo, Pierce, or KG to ask them about Doc's departure.