Trade Rumor: Paul Pierce to Cavs for two 2nd rounders

Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico threw in this nugget in his latest column:
According to one report, the Cavs and Boston Celtics are discussing a trade involving the Cavs’ two second-round picks (Nos. 31 and 33) for Celtics forward Paul Pierce. FOX Sports Ohio has been unable to confirm that report.

Interesting rumor. Two early 2nd round picks hold some value, but this draft is considered pretty weak. It is unknown whether Ainge can unload Pierce before having to buy him out for $5 million (which seems to be Ainge's preferred outcome over retaining Pierce for $15 million). This rumor is so loose though. Would the Cavs be sending back contracts? Do they want to keep Pierce to play with their young core (possibly as a place holder to get the Cavs in the playoffs 1 year and then LeBron takes Pierce's place)?

Personally I wouldn't be so quick to buyout Pierce. I think his expiring contract could be used to get better value at the trade deadline. Your going to pay him $5 million regardless. So then the question becomes is Pierce worth $10 million to you on a 1 year contract and I think he is. Plus he's a solid influence on the younger Celtics. We'll keep an eye on this Cleveland rumor to see if it gains any more traction.