Breaking: Doc Rivers will not pursue Clippers coaching job


Things literally changing on a minute to minute basis, but this is the first time we've seen Doc pull his name from consideration. If that's the case, obviously this deal is dead.

Here's the original article I wrote literally 10 minutes prior, when Doc was reportedly flying back to Orlando.

Not much else can be said folks, this entire story has been as frustrating and complicated one as I can remember. From Adrian Wojnarowski.

Of course, "talks going nowhere" and "deal dead" are two very different things. This whole situation sucks, I currently have 27 photos of Doc on my desktop, almost all of which I've used in the past week. I'm sick of his face, and sick of this deal.

With that said we're dedicated to giving you the latest, no matter how stale the story may be getting. This deal will not end until one of two things happen; 1. The teams reach agreement, or 2. The Clips sign another coach. Until then, nothing is final.

As Samual L. Jackson once said, hold on to your butts.

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