The Clippers: Once a joke always a joke

Back in the day the most dysfunctional NBA franchise that all other dysfunctional franchises measured themselves against was the Los Angeles Clippers. In recent years somehow they became a desirable location. This is all because they play in Los Angeles, the 2nd largest market in America and a warm weather climate, which NBA players more than any other professional athletes value very highly. Years and years of lottery picks finally produced enough young talent that they were able to cash in some chips and get a franchise player in Chris Paul. A year and a half later they risk losing their franchise player? Why? Because they are still the Clippers.

When it comes down to it the Clippers are risking losing their franchise player because of their stinginess on one late first round draft pick. That's like buying a $200,000 car and refusing ever to change the oil. You think when Danny Ainge had a chance to get KG back in 2007, he was going to walk away when the wolves asked for a second 1st rounder? You think the Heat were going to turn down the LeBron James sign-and-trade because they were kicking in two late firsts? You're getting KG, Doc, possibly Paul Pierce and keeping Chris Paul. Only one team would risk losing all this over something so small.

Of course the one constant throughout the years has been their cheap, racist, slumlord owner Donald Sterling. The fact that Doc even wanted to go there makes me question Doc's intelligence a bit. Does he know that every coach that has ever been hired by the Clippers has had to fight to get paid once they're gone (often in court)? I understand that Danny doesn't want to keep Pierce and KG and run it back. If he did, Doc would be fine staying in Boston. But Doc if you really want to leave, do some TV work and look for a better job a bit later. You don't want to be a Clipper. You were already banished their once as a player. Looking forward to CP3 walking and Blake Griffin's trade demand. Well done Clippers.