Chris Paul isn't exactly pleased with the Clippers failure to land Doc Rivers

I'm not sure you needed a report to tell you this, but Chris Paul is not very happy with the way things turned out.

Paul of course is a pending free-agent and his return to the Clippers isn't exactly a sure thing. Paul was reportedly pushing the team to make a run at Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. Los Angeles had ridculous demands, at first refusing to give up anything at all for Doc Rivers and then offering only a measley second rounder in a weak draft.

Of course, seeing how terrible the Clippers were in their dealings with the Celtics may have turned Rivers off of the job. He's told the Clippers he is no longer a candidate for their open position.

It's quite likely perennial all-star, Chris Paul, will have similar feelings.

Adrian Wojnorowski, Yahoo
Free-agent star Chris Paul pushed the Clippers to hire Rivers as coach, but will have to settle for Lionel Hollins, Brian Shaw or Byron Scott if he plans to re-sign with Los Angeles in July. Paul is unhappy with the fallout over the failed deal, sources told Yahoo! Sports on Friday night.

So, let's see. The team that wants to re-sign you failed to not only meet your demands, but logic's as well. Giving up a single late first rounder for one of the best coaches in the league is a steal. You think Paul is excited to re-up with these guys?

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