Does Doc Rivers want to leave because of Rajon Rondo? [Updated]

It isn’t just that he [Doc] doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding situation; it is because he has an intense dislike for point guard Rajon Rondo. A source close to the Celtics tells Chris Sheridan of that Rondo droopped [sic] an F-bomb on Rivers in the locker room during a team meeting, and Rivers went after Rondo and tried to fight him before the fracas was broken up.

Here's Chris Sheridan's interview with Bill Lekas of SiriusMadDog Radio, start listening at the 18 minute mark:

Sheridan is a guy who's been around a long time, and tends to know what he's talking about.  I'd like to hope he's making things sound worse than they are, it's hard to believe that this could be the case and we're just finding out now.  Sheridan doesn't specify exactly when this event happened either; maybe it was a long time ago and they have already worked it out?  I've also heard in the past that Doc has trouble getting along with point guards in general, and it's no secret that coaches are always harder on the guys who play the same position they did.  The fan in me who loves Rondo's game wants to chalk this all up to that, although I realize I'm probably deluding myself.  Regardless, to hear Sheridan flat out say "Rajon is a bad locker room guy" and "everybody around the league knows the guy's a head case who's impossible to deal with" is troubling stuff.

UPDATE: For what it's worth, here's the opinion of CSNNE's Rich Levine:

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