Ray Allen says 2010 Celtics took Game 7 moment too lightly

After former Celtic Ray Allen drilled one of those familiar clutch three pointers last night, he's one step closer to attaining the goal he set out to achieve - one more ring.

Of course, this one will come on the side of his former team's bitter rivals, the Miami Heat. The team that ended Boston's season each of the last two years he was there. Still, the Miami Heat are far from Boston's biggest rival, and their defeats over Boston pale in comparison to one that the Celtic's most historic rival handed to them just three years ago.

Heading into this Game 7, Ray Allen will likely not treat it so lightly. There were no specifics mentioned here, so I'm not sure what he meant. However, Ray would know, he was in that locker room.

Regardless of how they may have treated the game, they certainly didn't take the loss lightly. That much is clear.

Allen hasn't played to the level he did in his Boston years, but he has certainly been up to the task when it's counted. Jessica Camerato relayed some more thoughts from Ray Allen on how he feels about his new team.

"My focus has been here to help this team win. When I parted ways with Boston, it was, they went in their direction and obviously I went in mine. The minute I got here, this team made me feel welcome. I didn't win last year with this team, but they made me feel a part of it. So the redemption has been winning 66 games this year and having the best record in the NBA, making it to the playoffs and getting to this point, and being with a great group of guys. I have had a great year off the floor with them. As a team, we've all bonded. Camaraderie is awesome. We put ourselves in the situation we're in, and good or bad, we're all going to fight to try to make it to the top."