Reports: Chris Paul pushing for KG-Doc, Clippers reach out to Celtics to re-start talks

As many folks, myself included, expected, the Doc-KG deal is far from dead. No matter what the reports have stated, there is just too much on the line for LA to simply walk away from this deal. The stall was simply negotiation, on both sides. Just a few minutes ago, Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the deal is in fact being discussed again, with the Clips making the call to Boston.

As we've mentioned before on here, the Clippers are the ones that must make this deal, for several reasons.

1. Doc is a massive upgrade over the rest of the coaches on the market, because of his championship pedigree and his unbelievable reputation across the league. Something that will help draw talent to the Clippers.

2. KG is a MASSIVE upgrade over DeAndre Jordan, despite the fact that he is 12 years older. He is far better defensively, and can shoot the ball from 18 feet, freeing up the lane for CP3 and Blake Griffin.

3. Rivers and Garnett are both huge names, and major reasons for Paul to re-sign in LA. When you throw in the Clippers ability to offer the most money, and Los Angeles' natural allure to free agents, Doc and KG seemingly represent the last little bump CP3 needs to sign on the dotted line.

Of course, #3 is the most important, and not surprisingly, a major reason talks started up again. At least if Bill Simmons is correct. Here's what the Sports Guy just tweeted.

Again, this isn't rocket science. The Clippers are staring a deal that gives them major upgrades at both coach, and center, and also locks in their franchise player for the next five years. They need to make this deal. That's why it made all the sense in the world for Danny Ainge to walk away from the negotiation table following the Clippers refusal to improve their offer. Now that CP3 has reportedly gotten involved, it's time for Ainge to turn the tables.

His offer should once again include Eric Bledsoe, the prize of this entire deal (from LA's end), and if the Clips refuse it should at the very least include either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee (to give the C's 2014-15 cap space) and two first round picks. Boston has nothing to lose. Los Angeles has everything to lose. Time for Ainge to make that abundantly clear.

UPDATE: Woj's article is up, and he is also saying that Paul's preference to play with Garnett, and for Doc, is playing a role.

With a full understanding that free agent Chris Paul wants this deal completed, the Los Angeles Clippers re-engaged the Boston Celtics on the Kevin Garnett-Doc Rivers negotiations on Wednesday afternoon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
The Clippers walked away from the talks on Monday morning, insisting that Boston's asking price of DeAndre Jordan and two first-round picks was too steep of a price for Garnett.
Clippers management believed Boston would eventually come back to them out of a belief that the Celtics-Rivers relationship would be difficult to repair, but league sources told Y! Sports that Paul's desire to play for Rivers – and with Garnett – has been a significant motivator for Los Angeles.

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Report: Celtics-Clippers Doc Rivers deal may not be dead after all?