Not buying the Ray Allen wants to come back to Boston rumor

So this rumor that Ray Allen wants out of Miami and back to Boston is making the internet rounds today Credit FLCeltsFan for the find). Sorry, but I'm not buying it. The source is a radio show that got into some hot water reporting a blockbuster DeMarcus Cousins to the Celtics trade at the trade deadline that never happened. I hadn't heard from them again until today when I saw a few emails with their rumor. Looking at their Twitter feed they also recently reported that the Thunder would amnesty Kendrick Perkins and he'd return to Boston, which doesn't work for two reasons: One, Sam Presti, the Thunder GM, says he's not amnestying Perk and two even if he was amnestied the Celtics are not under the cap, so they would not be able to pick him off waivers unless all the teams under the cap passed on Perk. No way another team wouldn't bid on Perk for like $1 million a year.

So then they tweeted this beauty: "KG and Pierce to Thunder for Perk & Kevin Martin (sign and trade) The $ works, thunder get a push over the top & Celtics get a legit scorer? it's a rumor coming from a front office guy out west. The thunder will push for PP & KG & Danny "covets" Martin." Anyway, their tweets are entertaining, like the one that the Celtics are interested in Pablo Prigioni, but I'm just not buying any of it. I mean first you say the Celtics are "bring the band back together" by picking up Perk off waivers, even though that has no chance of happening, then your talking the Celtics trading Pierce and KG to the Thunder to rebuild around Kevin Martin and Perk, and now your saying Ray Allen wants back in Boston after all the bridges he's burned.

Since there isn't much Celtics talk to discuss right now, we'll play along slightly. Why would Ray want back in Boston? Because he's sensitive and insecure and felt marginalized in Boston, but now he's even a smaller banana in Miami. The fans haven't taken to him in South Beach. He's a bit player on the Heat. He could see returning to Boston as a way to get his number retired here (It shouldn't. We already have way too many numbers retired and the 3rd or 4th best player on 1 championship team doesn't need his to be added up there. He can have a "Ray Allen Night" but his number shouldn't be retired). Ray has roots in New England and maybe he plans to make his post career home back up here.

Even if Ray wanted back I'm not sure the Celtics would take him back. He's a shell of his former self and the team needs to get younger, not older. So while I personally think this rumor is bogus, let me ask, would you want Ray back?