Brandon Bass is the star of our 8th Celtics Podcast in Spanish

Brandon Bass made us feel like little children last week :)
We kick off our eighth podcast with the rumors about Doc Rivers and the increasing possibility that he decides not to continue next year. We are wondering what may be going on in with Doc, and the reasons why he is reluctant to continue if the team would decide to rebuild or make major changes. If Doc signed a long contract with the team he was aware of the possibility that he would have to coach it without Pierce and Garnett so it makes us wonder what can be really happening there.

Speaking of Ainge, we also discuss his comments on Terrence Williams and Shavlik Randolph. It seems he may want to give them a chance to stay with the team next year. Ainge talks not so candidly about Crawford and we indicate the reports around the web that he might be on his way out of the team. A player like Jordan, who had been a spark from the bench and with such a low contract should be a keeper, so we also discuss why management is not so keen on letting them continue with the C´s next year. Danny also didn´t mention anything about DJ White. In the office we think that the last two may not be in his plans for next season.

Gortat checking the podcast thru CelticsLife and agreeing
Next it is the turn for the rumors of the week.This time we discuss the supposed trade rumor between Phoenix and Boston around Marcin Gortat. The pack for the Polish hammer would be Courtney Lee, Fab Melo and the #16th pick in this year´s draft. We analyze Gortat´s situation in Phoenix and the interest they may have in trading him and acquiring the services of a young player in Lee and the pick.We know that the Suns want to get another pick in the draft so it would be advantageous for both teams. We believe that with that pack we wouldn´t get anything better and it would be a great trade for us.

Aless proposes everybody the option to choose between this trade and a potential one for Al Jefferson involving Bass, Lee or Terry and Melo for him and the rumored one with Phoenix and most of us would prefer the Utah option.

Doc is confusing us
We also mention the rumors around the potential return of Krstic to the NBA. He will likely leave CSKA Moscow but it is not clear what he will do next. We would prefer to use him in a trade if he returned to the NBA, since as you know we own his NBA rights and he is filling an important cap hold. Physically, his body is not up to major minutes, but he would be able to play back up minutes as a center.

Next come the awards the Celtics are giving to his players after the season. Jason Terry has been selected best sixth man and Jeff Green the most improved player. We wonder the category of best game of the season. The games against Denver, the incredible game in which we beat Miami without Rondo, the impressive exhibition of Jeff Green against Miami despite the loss.

Make it happen, Danny! ;)
For this podcast we have some guest from the fantastic site Factoria NBA. They propose some trade scenarios for Gortat, Thomas Robinson and Omer Asik (for Pierce) and a crazy three way idea between Indiana, Cleveland and Boston: Indiana would get Paul Pierce and Andy Varejao, Cleveland would get Jared Sullinger and Danny Granger and finally the Celts would get Roy Hibbert and CJ Miles. This trade idea was well accepted by the rest of the people at the podcast and it would be done by many of us. I wonder what people think here in Celtics Life ;).

After this trade rumors and ideas we answer the questions of our listeners. We talk about the Celtics future, the importance of a good bench, Allen Iverson, the age of the people at the office and other funny things.

The program includes the result of the contest for the KG jersey that started last week. This is the start of the funniest part of the show, in charge of our friend Álvaro.

Thank you, Brandon!
The main part of the show is our contact with Brandon Bass last week. The Celtics forward has been in touch with Celtics Spain right after he entered in twitter and created his account last week. Brandon contacted our program to look for possibilities to travel to Spain and organize an event in our country.

You can imagine we loved the idea and became completely crazy about it. It made us feel so good to even have a dialogue with Brandon and his people! It was something that we will be able to tell to your grandchildren :)

A great event for our program, and of course it is an honour to have Bass as a fan and follower of it.We know he also reads our articles and he often retweets about them...Thank you, Brandon! We love you! :)

We also discuss about the NBA finals and introduce you to our friends at Factoría NBA, a very interesting blog also from Spain with their own podcast in which there are plenty of interesting opinions and articles.

I leave you the eigth podcast here, I hope you enjoy it and that you participate. Remember that we also have a forum section and many other things in the new website of Celtics Spain (

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