Would Rajon Rondo play if he was in Derrick Rose's shoes? Vote in the poll.

 Last night after the Chicago Bulls lost to the Brooklyn Nets, I logged onto Facebook to find Derrick Rose being blasted in the majority of comments on my news feed. I lived in Chicago for three years, and the sentiments echoed in the posts being made by my friends that are Bulls fans mostly consisted of calling Rose a "p#ssy" for not suiting up and helping his team dispose of the Brooklyn Nets. While Rose was medically cleared to play by doctors about 3 months ago, he has been holding out, citing that he is not mentally ready to play and doesn't want to return until he is comfortable dunking off his left foot.

As a Celtics fan, this got me thinking about Rajon Rondo and his ACL tear. I started wondering if Rondo were in Derrick Rose's shoes, would he suit up and play to help the Celtics win a first round playoff series? And would I want him to play if there was risk of him jeopardizing his health for future seasons?

I think Rajon Rondo if given the choice would probably suit up. We have seen how gritty Rondo can be when injured, like playing with a dislocated elbow during the 2011 playoffs series with the Miami Heat. And while I would not want Rondo to risk re-injuring himself by returning to the court too early, I think a 3 month period after being cleared by doctors would be sufficient time for him to return without risking too much.

What do you think, Celtics Nation? Do you think Rajon Rondo would return to help his team if he was in Derrick Rose's position? And would you want him to come back if there was any chance he might not be ready? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.