Knicks' coach Woodson says he didn't know about funeral stunt. Right.

Funny how things change after a loss.

The Knicks arrived at Madison Square Garden for Game 5 dressed all in black to signify the funeral of the Celtics season. This was apparently news for Knicks coach Mike Woodson. From the Boston Globe:

I didn’t know about it until this (Thursday) morning,” Woodson said. “I made reference to our guys that we need to stay out of the paper and just concentrate on playing. That’s not important. What you wear doesn’t have anything to do with how you play on the basketball court.”

I love when coaches play the “I didn't even know about it” card. Come on. He knew. This is 2013. Everyone is connected and talks to everyone about everything.

Does he really expect people to believe that his team showing up in all black simply missed his attention? Does he not see his players until they are all suited up for the game or have a cellphone or see a television?

It would be more believable, but still bs, if he said he didn't know until after the game. But the next day? It was all over the media and some reporter must have asked him about it postgame.

The Knicks players are even worse. Some of them are so gutless as to totally backtrack on why they were wearing black in the first place. Here's what everyone's favorite plus-sized pointguard had to say about the black referencing a funeral, from ESPN.

If I would have known that it was all of that, I would have said let's not do that, let's just come like normal and let's just play basketball," Raymond Felton said in an interview Thursday evening on the "The Michael Kay Show." "We shouldn't have done it, it's over with. Now it's time to go play basketball."

Communication seems to be an issue with this team. Maybe Felton should speak to Kenyon Martin since he made it pretty clear what the black was about.

Tyson Chandler admitted to the black outfits signifying a funeral, but it was nothing personal...

"It’s nothing against the Celtics," he said. "It’s something we were doing as a team. It wasn’t meant to offend anybody or anything like that. It was meant to motivate guys in the locker room."

The only reason they are changing their tune or playing dumb is because they got beat and were publicly ridiculed for wearing black. Even Charles Barkley was rooting for the Celtics to win Wednesday because he said the funeral move was disrespectful.

Had the Knicks won the game against the Celtics, they would all be dancing around in their black suits and talking about how brilliant they were for the funeral stunt. Shows what kind of team the Knicks are. They talk a big game, but fold pretty when their plans backfire. Have some intestinal fortitude to stand up for yourselves and admit you messed up. At least J.R. Smith could do that.

We were going to a funeral," J.R. Smith said, "but it looks like we got buried."

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