Doc Rivers-Just call him Mr. President

"Doc always has energy, That's the best thing about him, that's what makes him the best coach. He always has energy. He can't have a down day.....he's our main leader. He's the president, then you've got the vice president, the secretary, the treasurers, all that – it goes down the line. So he has to have energy."- Terrence Williams

In an outstanding article  that came out today on Doc's game 5 Pregame speech Terrence Williams shares his  thoughts on Doc as a coach. First off, what in the Terrence Williams? When did this guy decide to step up and become a stud in prime time? It's awesome and incredibly unexpected. Reading this article makes me really respect this guy. In the past he's talked about how KG is his role model and now he talks about Doc's ability to lead. You love when a young guy appreciates greatness in all facets of the game.

Doc Rivers is awesome at life. To be honest, I'd rather have Doc than any other coach in the NBA. The guy always keeps it real, is a great leader, calls the best out of timeout plays, and is a throat surgeon's dream. If we go on to win this series it is going to be because of Doc, Jeff Green, and KG's refusal to lose(and Carmelo's inability to carry a team). Let's see if we can pull off another tonight. The Knicks are not winners and if they lose tonight there is no way they win game 7. Let's go Boston!