Spain bleeds Green too: Celtics podcast in Spanish

It´s Monday night. Two minutes to midnight, like in the Iron Maiden song, but it will be Guns n´Roses and their Welcome to the Jungle that will introduce a group of Spaniards spread around the vast geography of Europe to discuss about the Boston Celtics.

You have a pile of files on the table about the NBA draft, a couple of links talking about different rumors and around 10 or 12 windows open in your laptop (covered by Celtics Life, of course) displaying a whole variety of articles to talk about with some fellow Celtics fans in the radio. This has been the idea of Celtics fan Alessandro Di Neri and he has assembled a very nice group of friends that add their unique perspective on our team to the program. Aless has a way to make everything click with the different personalities in the podcast and is the leading voice of this new project, adding his extensive knowledge of the game to the podcast.

I welcome you to the world of the Celtics podcast in Spanish, organized by CelticsSpa in twitter since May 1st.

What you will be able to listen here is already our podcast number 6 in which we discuss the main news from the previous days. The main topics we covered were the following:

- The Celtics rumored to be buying out Paul Pierce's contract. As you may know there have been very different reports announcing and then denying this news. You will probably continue to get new articles confirming one theory or another as the NBA draft draws near. In our podcast we all agree on the fact that the team may be best suited extending one year of the actual core, coupled with the return of Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger from their injuries and the rising play of Jeff Green. Ending Pierce's time with the Celtics this way saves little money to the team because it would still not allow you to sign a major free agent with that potential payroll. It would be more advisable to extend this current group one more year and after it the team will have major room to operate in the 2014 free agent market.

- That took us to our next round of Paul Pierce trade rumors. We discuss mainly the ones linking him to the Cavaliers and the Pelicans. We mainly doubt the first, and would not be very happy with the second. Eric Gordon is a very good scorer but his fragile health and his hefty contract would make the deal a little bit too risky. Also consider that Avery Bradley would leave in that deal, which would be a price too high to pay for a player that unfortunately hasn't been able to stay on the floor consistently.

- We also cover the topic of Doc Rivers and his silence after the season´s end some weeks ago. Doc has been spotted in town and has talked to Danny but we wonder about the implications of not having publicly spoken to the media yet. Does that silence mean that he intends to be a way to show management that he is waiting to see what the next move is in order to fully grant his presence in the Celtics team next year? We think he may be doing so considering his fully support and engagement to the figures of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. We hope the three of them continue one more year in Boston. In Doc´s case, we believe he is the best coach the team can have, particularly if you see the not very enticing list of potential coaches that are available out there.

- There is a lot of conversation about the draft workouts held in Boston with potential draftees. We wonder about the possibility of grabbing a second round pick from another team such as the Blazers (who own three ones) or the Cavs (two second rounds, four in total). The Celtics have brought a group of big men who we believe would be targeted with our 16th pick, and right now it seems Steven Adams is leading the pack. Adams has been hyped by our own Celtic legend Brian Scalabrine which has helped him gain some fans around the world. In previous podcast we discussed about the possibility of getting Kansas big man Jeff Withey, who also was invited to the workouts a few days ago. Concerning the group of point guards that would serve as backups for Rondo after his injury, we really like Pierre Jackson (Baylor), Myck Kabongo (Texas) and Peyton Siva (Louisville). This section is the realm of our friend Raico, who has been following a lot of NCAA action this year with Aless. They are both the draft gurus in the program.

- The program has also a section in which questions posted to the twitter account are answered. You can make your own questions here. The goal is to mainly clarify some aspects around the team and to create other scenarios in which the Celtics may operate in the future concerning potential transactions.

- Finally we have a more humorous section, wonderfully created by our friend Álvaro who instills all kind of Celtics rumors and non rumors with his genuine and hilarious sense of humor.

The whole podcast is assembled by the magic of Ramsés, who edits and polishes the whole product in order to have it as you have it now. He also comments on all the topics during the program.

So here you have, we will now let you listen to the Celtics podcast in Spanish from a group of Celtics fans. I was invited to join these conversations a month ago and I am proud and happy to share these moments of radio with these fans. It is a fun thing to do every week and it also gives you new insight into Celtics related stuff. You know you can find me here in Celtics Life and now also here in this podcast.

I would like to thank JR for the chance to share this with all the Celtics Life readers. Personally, I think this is a fun way to continue with your Celtics fan experience. It is also a chance to practice your Spanish listening comprehension if you will. We hope you will enjoy it.

We all bleed green. Let´s go Celtics!

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