Michael Carter-Williams: Being drafted by Celtics 'Would be a blessing'

Michael Carter-Williams raised some eyebrows last week when he was asked by the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett what it would be like to be drafted by his hometown Celtics, and he responded with “I kind of want to get away and play somewhere else”.

However, Carter-Williams, who is from Hamilton, MA, has quickly backtracked, telling WEEI's Ben Rohrbach that playing in Boston would be a blessing.

“If I was drafted by the Celtics, I’d be just as happy as I would being drafted by anyone else,” said the 21-year-old. “It’s a great place. It’s been home to me. It would be a blessing to play there. I’d be real excited. I guess the question caught me off guard. That’s how I really feel. I’d be happy to play for them as well as any other team.”

Carter-Williams has been linked to the Celtics via Chad Ford's May 8th mock draft, and as we talked about two weeks ago on CelticsLife, the former Syracuse star is known for his explosive defensive abilities. Speaking with Rohrbach on his Green Street podcast, he talked a little about his game.

“I think I’m smart out there, and I make most of the right plays,” he said when asked about his strengths. “Defensively, I think I would be great, and I’m working on my shot, making it more consistent — just being a positive asset to the team is something that I think I’m able to do.”

Love the confidence about his defensive abilities, and really like him as a player. Of course, there will always be those who say the Celtics should draft a big man no matter what at #16, but I disagree. Part of the rebuilding process is acquiring assets, and the best way to do that is to draft the best player available. If that's Carter-Williams, the Celts should take him and worry about their guard gluttony later.

Listen to the rest of Rohrbach's interview with Carter-Williams here, definitely a good insight into someone you'll be hearing a lot about over the next month.


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