Ray Allen or David West?

As the Pacers and Heat battle in the Eastern Conference Finals, it dawned upon me what a pretty big connection the Celtics have to both teams.  See not so long ago, David West almost became a Celtic in a sign and trade for Jermaine O'Neal.  When West decided to join the Pacers for two years and $20 million instead of the Celtics for three years and $29 million less than 18 months ago, it was none other than Ray Allen that had this to say:
“Once it got down to the end, I think his ego kicked back in,” Allen said. “He wanted the dollars. I guess it comes down to ‘What is a championship worth to you?’
“Think of all the guys who have made $20 million and could be considered one of the best ever, but they get chided because they never won. We [the Big Three] all had to do less when we won. We’re still taking less to make it work. But it’s worth it. No one can ever say to KG, Paul or me, ‘You guys never got your ring.’”
Pretty interesting remarks coming from Allen.  Fast forward to the Celtics being knocked out in 2012 by Miami and then Ray Allen leaving Boston to join the Heat for less money and you have an interesting scenario.

As a Celtics fan, who disappointed you more?  West for not coming to Boston last season (which totally could've been the difference between the Celtics getting past Miami and winning it) or Allen for leaving Boston for less money?   Vote and comment below