Scal compares Pittsburgh C Steven Adams to Omer Asik, says Celtics are "best fit" for him

Brian Scalabrine is a bit of a renaissance man. He played 11 years in the NBA, had a coaching offer from Chicago, took CSNNE by storm last season as a commentator, and now he's taken on another role.

NBA draft scout.

Well, kind of.

According to Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald, Scal has been working out with a group of big men getting ready for the draft in Los Angeles, and has fallen in love (basketball wise) with Pitt center Steven Adams.

We discussed Adams last week after the Celtics announced they'd be working him out, and talked about his freakishly long wingspan (7'5") and his ability to protect the basket.

After working out with him, Scal says that the 19 year old from New Zealand has all of that, and more, and would be a perfect fit in Boston. From Murphy's article.

“He could play for them next year,” Scalabrine said yesterday in between workouts. “As long as (the Celtics) have (Rajon) Rondo, Kevin (Garnett), Paul Pierce, (Jared) Sullinger and Jeff Green, he’s a rotational big on that team.”


“The fact he hasn’t played for long is what makes him so special. I don’t know what is going on in the war room, or what they’re planning, but (Adams) is a great fit. With his ability to roll to the basket, Kevin can go back to (power forward). It’s very draining for Kevin to keep playing the 5 the way he has. They don’t have a big who rolls (to the basket) like this. Imagine Rondo with him rolling, and Kevin picking and popping."


“(Adams) is just a freak, a freak athlete. And the Celtics are the best fit for Steven as well. I truly think that.

It's worth noting that Scal shares an agent with Adams, but then again, does Scal really seem like the kind of guy who lies? (The answer is no, no he doesn't)

Scalabrine also compared Adams to one of his former teammates, although it wasn't a Celtic, but instead a former Chicago Bull.

Scalabrine also has a frame of reference. He played with Omer Asik in Chicago. When he goes through a workout with Adams now, he still sees the big Turk.

“Asik picked up the defense in no time in Chicago, and he barely spoke the language,” Scalabrine said. “I don’t think that if Doc (Rivers) is the coach, and everyone comes back, that he won’t help.


“He has huge hands, and for a big that’s a huge plus,” Scalabrine said. “And he has great athletic ability. The only player I can compare him to is Omer Asik. He has strength, he can really jump, and he has size.

Considering the type of career Asik has had thus far (two solid years as a backup before exploding as a starter this past season), I'm sure any Celtics fan would be thrilled with that kind of production from a #16 pick. However, while Adams and Asik may in fact end up being similar players, one major difference between the pair is their respective ages at the time of being drafted. Asik was already 22, and stayed in Europe for two more years, debuting in the NBA at age 24. Adams on the other hand is just 19, and is considerably more raw than Asik was when he came to the Bulls in 2010.

Still, it's interesting to hear Scal's scouting report, and Adams is definitely someone the C's will take a long, hard look at. Chad Ford just released his 3rd mock draft, and has Adams going four picks before the Celtics select (#12 to the Thunder), but obviously that's not set in stone. As of now the Kiwi big man projects to be a late lottery to mid first rounder, and his remarkable size will definitely intrigue the Celtics.

Plus Scal loves the kid. And that can only mean good things.

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