LeBron James actually fined by the NBA for flopping, this isn't a joke

No this is not one of our famous Afternoon Delights, it's not a report from Rondo Burgundy, this actually happened.

Media darling LeBron James has actually been fined by the NBA for flopping.

This of course comes on the heels of a Game 4 in Indiana between the Heat and Pacers where referees and flopping were as much the focus as the result itself. Pacers fans were even chanting "He's a flopper" at Dwyane Wade during the game.

The double flop between David West and LeBron James (video above) was perhaps the most viral video to come out of the night though. Thankfully, no foul was called on that one. Still, both James and West are being fined $5,000 for flopping on the play.

Lance Stephenson was also fined $5k for flopping in the first quarter.

Fines for West and Stephenson aren't that surprising, but a marquee player like James getting fined? That's definitely newsworthy. When the flopping rule was first announced, it was met with many cheers but plenty of cynicism. Most fans didn't believe that star players like James (a famous flopper) would get the same treatment as lesser known players. Up until this point, those fans have been proved correct. However, James getting fined for a flop has to be somewhat significant.

Still, the flopping rule does seem to be rather pointless. $5,000 isn't that much to these players, and it seems very inconsistent as to when punishment is actually dished out. There have been plenty of flops, even ones that have become viral videos, that have gone without any fines. If the rule is meant to discourage flopping, it is failing miserably. Perhaps finally fining LeBron James will make some impact, but probably not.

Via USA Today