Report: People close to Pierce "certain" he's played his last game as a Celtic

Before people start shooting the messenger, Dickerson is a good reporter and doesn't just make stuff up. Listening to Pierce's postgame presser it had this sad feeling of someone about to say goodbye. My guess is Pierce and his people have talked to Danny and were told the Celtics are looking to go in another direction next season. For those thinking Paul Pierce would retire before playing in another NBA jersey, think again. In his presser he was adamant he'll be playing in the NBA next season saying, “I definitely expect to be playing next year.” Will be a strange site to see Pierce wearing another uniform. Maybe things will change over the Summer and Pierce will return for one more season in Boston. Right now that's not looking like a sure bet in the least.

To be honest I don't see the financial incentive to buyout Pierce for $5 million as some people are suggesting the Celtics might do. By doing so you're saying Pierce isn't worth a 1 year contract at $10 million a year, because that's what you will be left with. If Pierce leaves a more likely scenario is via trade.

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