Kobe Bryant thinks his Lakers starting five can win

Kobe Bryant is old and out of his mind. He seriously thinks that the "original" starting five that they planned to this season will win a championship next year. I disagree. USA Today reports that Kobe Bryant thinks the starting five of Steve Nash, himself, Metta, Gasol and Howard can win a championship.

"I would really love to see our guys come back, our core guys come back," said Bryant, who still hopes to be ready to start next season. "I understand the (salary) cap situation, so that's always a concern. But all I can do is just voice my opinion."

Kobe Bryant is suppose to make 30 million dollars. Dwight Howard can sign a 5 year 117 million dollar contract. Paul Gasol is suppose to make 19.2 million dollars. Like come on. Lakers could be paying up to 200 million dollars in luxury tax next season, but Kobe knows this is his last hurrah.

"I'm like, 'One more year of this thing, and I don't know how I'm going to suit up. My contract is finished next year. Pau's is done next year. Hopefully we get Dwight locked up so he's here for a while. So the future is kind of set already. Let's take a crack at this thing."

Kobe, you are a fool. The Lakers started playing well toward the end due to desperation, but this team was nowhere near a championship caliber team. Kobe won't be the same guy once he comes back from surgery while him and the starting five are one year older. Old legs can't win championships as we see right now with our Celtics.

I hope they amnesty his ass.

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