Doc Rivers says what Kevin Garnett goes through in order to play would force some guys to retire

Doc had this to say yesterday about his 17 year veteran future Hall of Fame center (via CSNNE's Jimmy Toscano):
"People have no idea what he goes through, and you can't unfortunately. But it really is [admirable] watching him just in there now doing all the stuff that they're doing, the stretching. He just plays because he loves it, and it's will. A lot of guys would just not play anymore. The fact that he does and to the level that he does it, I mean he's a rebounding machine for us right now, and we need it."

Jackie MacMullan elaborates in her ESPN Boston article this morning:
Here's another clue the end is drawing near: when you spend as many minutes preparing for practice as you do actually participating. Teammates say KG hates to sit out, so he undergoes an elaborate routine of stretching, receiving treatment, getting massages and doing strength work to prepare his body for the workouts.

Hearing this about Garnett should come as no surprise to anyone who's watched him play throughout his career.  He has an intensity, determination, and drive (mixed in with a hint of pure insanity) unlike any other.

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