Danny Ainge wouldn't hesitate to bring back Jason Collins

Jason Collins came out and told the world that he is gay, good for him. Even better, is the support he is having all across the nation and the league. We have heard all the Boston Celtics' players saying that they support Collins and would welcome him back with open arms. Danny Ainge also agrees. Boston Herald reports that Danny Ainge would not hesitate to bring Collins back due to his sexuality.

“Jason was one of the most professional, hard-working guys that we had in our organization or that I’ve ever been around. He’s a class act and a real pro, and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back if I felt that his talents were needed for us to be successful

Thats great to hear. The NBA players and the whole nation has been very supportive of Collins and so am I. I am proud of him being open with himself and able to be strong. Hopefully other NBA players that might be gay will come out and be themselves.

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