Update: Did Dan Le Batard vote Melo MVP, deny LeBron unanimous vote?

Le Batard really loves Miami. Which makes this weird.

Ok so it's starting to look like Le Batard didn't vote for Melo (and doesn't even have a vote), but instead just told people he did/ran with the rumor? Here was the original story of when it was reported that Le Batard did vote for Melo..

Via Deadspin,

Ok so when it broke this afternoon that LeBron received 120 out of 121 votes for NBA MVP, a witch hunt started to figure out who the hell voted for Carmelo Anthony.

Now we know.

It was the Miami Herald's (and ESPN's) Dan Le Batard, a huge Miami homer and LeBron fan.

Why you ask?

Well according to Deadspin, the reason is simple — attention.

Of course it was Dan Le Batard. The Miami Herald and ESPN reporter is taking credit as the only one to vote against James for the regular season MVP, instead electing to vote for the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony. And now he's paying (read: trolling everyone by retweeting every single person who tweets him incredulously) the price.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, his vote robbed LeBron James of the first unanimous regular season MVP selection ever, but the guy's a complete, unabashed Miami homer. He published this story just today.

So don't worry. He's not stupid, or touched. He just wants more people to watch his show. This doesn't mean you should.

Le Batard has spent the past hour re-tweeting everyone that has bashed him, not to mention publishing photos of different radio programs (Dan Patrick, Cowherd) asking him to come on their show. This seems to me more than just trolling, and instead some kind of weird media experiment.

'LeBron will win anyways, so I will vote for Melo, get a ton of attention, and somehow show everyone how easy it is to troll the media!'

Personally I love Le Batard. Or at least I love his dad. "Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable" is hilarious thanks to 'Papi', and DBL does a good job too.

With that said what Le Batard is reportedly doing is just dumb. Why vote for a far less worthy player just to troll people's faces off? Seems kind of petty.

But at the end of the day, did LeBron really need a unanimous MVP? Guy has 4 MVP's, and a title to his name, with a 2nd one possibly coming. Not to mention a couple hundred million in the bank. So while Le Batard is certainly stirring the pot for no good reason, there's a lot better stuff to get worked up over besides LeBron only getting 120 out of the 121 first place votes for MVP.

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