The Pistons coming to town are a surprisingly unwelcome sight

Greg Monroe has been a beast vs Boston.
Normally one might think that a visit from a team with a 25-50 record would be exactly what the Celtics need to help themselves get back on track.  But not the Pistons.

The last time Boston beat Detroit was December 30th, 2011.  Not only that, but the games haven't even been close.  In four losses the C's have fallen by an average of 15 points, and never once come within single digits.  They've also been out-rebounded by a total of 176-145 in those games, something that is likely to continue tonight with no Kevin Garnett in the lineup.  In addition Boston allowed 103 points to the Pistons in both previous meetings this season, another bad sign for the Celtics considering how atrocious their defense has been lately without Garnett.  To make matters even worse, Paul Pierce missed shootaround this morning and is listed as a game time decision.

Looking for a silver lining?  The last 3 defeats (by 15, 20, and 15 points again) have all come in Detroit, and Boston is actually 4-1 in their last 5 home contests with the Pistons.  The Celtics have also yet to play Detroit in the post-Rondo era; is it possible that could alter the bizarre matchup difficulties the C's have had with this team?

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