Jeff Green has probably literally turned into Iron Man

Jeff Green has been playing the basketball of his life. His emergence is one of the few positive signs that the Celtics nation can hold onto going into the Playoffs. How well has he been playing? Steve Bulpett of Boston Herald has an interesting piece of stats:

Green is averaging 21.4 points in his 10 games as a starter, a figure that would make him the Celtics’ overall leader if stretched over the entire season. Pierce is tops with an 18.8 average.

In his last 11 games, Green is averaging 19.3 points and shooting 52.3 percent from the field.

If Jeff Green can sustain this level of play for the postseason, which is quite likely because since he is not doing anything extraordinary except for showing up with more aggressiveness and effort, a healthy Garnett (hello, smokescreen from 2009 and bone spurs from last year), a rested up Pierce, an out-of-slump Bradley along with him could pull some serious surprises. That he has shown he can also use the left lane in the recent games only adds to the optimism.
* * *
Well, how do you explain Jeff Green's recent awesome performance? Getting used to the role, being in a comfortable place, fully recovering from the surgery blah blah. That's all nonsense. We know the real reason because we do real investigative journalism here: Jeff Green has borrowed a page from Tony Stark's playbook.

We've always had our doubts, so it wasn't just a joke when the photoshop master EK created his awesome Jeff "Iron Man" Green poster. Jessica Camerato lets us in further on that secret:

A flash of white fabric could be seen peeking over the top of Jeff Green’s jersey as he attacked the rim for a dunk.

Underneath the uniform of the man who can soar like a superhero is a padded tank top that covers his chest, now a part of his game-day attire since undergoing open-heart surgery in January of 2012. Green first wore the protective layer once he began playing again last summer, and there was an adjustment period to the new part of his uniform.

White "fabric"? "Adjustment period?" Yeah, yeah. We know what's really inside that fabric. Do you think Camerato threw the word "superhero" in there for no reason?

I believe a Lakers feat. Superman vs. Celtics feat. Iron Man matchup just got way more interesting.

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