Green Envy: "What Wizards Fans Said - 04/07

The Boston Celtics showed off their new lineup tonight against the scrappy Wizards, and managed to pick up a 107-96 win. The Wizards fans were out in full force and were especially whiny about the officiating, as you can see by the multiple times they mentioned KG. 

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KG setting moving picks

I would love to knock the Celtics down to the 8 seed.

Jimmy needs to drop 40 on the old a$$ Celtics

Good ol Boston Refs :-?

Well this is the first time in some time that Tommy Heinsohn has seemed fairly subdued in his contempt for the Wizards. So I suppose we've arrived then, or something.

The fake crowd noise is deafening

Man, I hate everything about playing the Celtics. I hate Kevin Garnett's moving picks. I hate the piped in crowd noise. I hate Tommy Heinsohn. I hate (though respect) Paul Pierce's junk game.

these refs are a joke

And that idiot Tommy Heinsohn saying 'Wall needs to be decked on the other end now'

bout time they call the illegal KG screen. Thats all he does

Vesely with the nice assist to Wilcox for the and-1.

Man these Celtics get away away with murder at home, especially KG.

Vesely would look more intimidating if he didn't have the hair-cut of an 8 year old boy.

Man GTFO, that's not a foul on Jan. If you're gonna call that, we should be at the line every time down

No high fives for Wall, Jan? Unforgivable

Bass can't miss. He's making some ridiculous shots.

Seems like Doc Rivers is playing with fire leaving his starters in right now.

I don't usually go overboard over the officiating but tonight was disgraceful. It's like the refs had a side bet on Wall shooting zero free throws. I never seen a guy get clobbered time & time again and not get one call.

Shavlik Randolph has apparently elevated himself to the rarefied air of not-obviously-undeserving-of-NBA-minutes so mazel tov to him I guess.

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