Green Envy- What Knicks fans said - 4/28

Down 3-0 in the series, the Celtics had a lot to prove in this game. They responded well, and came out in force. The Knicks refused to die however, and made the Celtics grind it out. The game went to OT, and eventually the Celtics came away with the win. Knicks fans obviously were not very happy about this, and said as such.

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the refs want another game.

Garnett called for a moving screen?


Don't usually complain about refs but there should've been a foul on the Celtics.

Nevermind they made a makeup call on KG.

We just have to stay close because the Celtics may not be able to sustain this effort. They have pride and will go down fighting today.

Bring in the Cope.

wow... 5 second call WTF guys get it together

NY is totally checked out of this game

Garnet take 3 steps on that simple handoff and nothing called that leads to the Green make.

Traffic? Stern conspiracy!

k-mart already making an impact! LET'S GO

All brick being chucked in this game, ___ insert Novak & cope

Shump is a liability. Hopefully that Dudley deal is still on the table.

Good shooting Novak. We need some role players to step up with JR out.

Melo is too fat to get around Bass.

Melo is 0-5 on the same shots he usually will be 3-5 on.

Only bad shot because he's missing? :lol:

I'm still just paranoid because of 2004 ALCS. Never want to experience that again.

Melo was on the floor with his teammates, while Jr. was somewhere on twitter entertaining the juveniles.

Melo's allowed to cost us one game when he's made us the 2nd seed all season.

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