Of Virgil, Dante and the Boston Celtics

In so many ways, the Celtics resemble the spirit of Dante about to enter his journey into Hell to rescue his beloved Beatrice. Beatrice is of course Banner #18 and Hell will surely be surviving with success to the 2013 playoffs entering as a 6th seeded team at best in the East. We could continue with the analogies with Dante´s marvelous opus by giving the role of the Devil to LeBron James or rather to David Stern, as you may wish.

The Celtics are a team that is struggling to keep its best players on the court. With the team´s main crazy artist (Rondo) hurt until next season and with the heart and guts of the team being out indefinitely (Garnett) the team is relying on the power and passion of its captain and the rising athletic prowess of Jeff Green. Some may say it´s surely not enough to get far in the playoffs. Check out the best 2020 betting offers on your-promotional-code.co.uk for some really good deals.

You may be forgetting about Jason Terry, too. Yes, I am referring to that guy you think he has underachieved so far. You may be thinking he belongs to the likes of Jermaine O´Neal and...Rasheed Wallace.

Remember those days in which fans wondered why Rasheed Wallace had been signed? His lackadaisical effort on the court seemed to show lack of motivation to play, but in fact Sheed was reserving the (almost) last drops of his valuable talent for when it mattered most: the NBA playoffs.

Release the Kraken

Enter Jason Terry, a small player suited for the big moments. When others shy away from the responsibility, when the ball burns so much in your hands that you want to quickly get rid of it, Jason Terry is eager to get it at any cost. As if he was some kind of mad masochist willing to expose himself to the big lights when the margin of error grows thinner, Terry takes charge and delivers with his shooting dagger.

But that´s not all.

Terry is no Ray Allen, he is not just a superb and finesse shooter. Jason is a leader, talking and showing the way to others when the path through the darkness of the NBA playoffs comes. Winner of a ring, he wants to get his second with Garnett and Pierce.

Recently we have witnessed his rivalry with LeBron James and how he even sacrificed his body and his image in order to prevent James to get an easy dunk. Terry doesn´t fear James (the Devil) and the masses that watch at Hell´s playground.

Jason Terry was brought here to lead the team deeper into the playoffs. When KG and Paul will be more needed for veteran help in crunch time, the team will be lead by the savvy experience and aggressive talent of Terry.

In Inferno, Dante is rescued by the poet Virgil and is lead by him into the depths of hell. Terry is our Virgil, the guide into the territory we will have to prove our pride and glory in the next weeks.

The Celtics season starts in the playoffs, our true nature surges in dangerous and crucial times, and then it will be the moment in which Jason Terry will show his true face to the NBA world.

Jason Virgil Terry. Leading Dante into the NBA´s Beatrice.