Kevin Garnett ankloot injury update: No timetable yet.

We all knew that Kevin Garnett's body was quite different from the rest of the world, but I could have never guessed that it would be this complicated to figure out what his injury is: According to Doc Rivers, it's a foot injury that happened against the Mavs. According to Danny Ainge, it's his ankle, and it happened against the Hornets. According to Danny Ainge (wait, haven't I already checked that?), it's his left foot and then some:

"It's much better today than it was yesterday and I think he just could use some rest," Ainge said during his weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM). "On top of that, KG has just little nicks, bumps and bruises that could use some healing time. He's got a sore calf muscle as well. It's just good for him to take some time off and get fresh. But the biggest concern right now is the inflammation in his foot."

So my take is that KG's left ankle and left foot has merged into a single organ called the ankloot. That would also explain his declining vertical skills, so it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, the good news is... Nah, no good news. Danny Ainge is even more confused when it comes to the question of when KG will be able to return:

When asked about Garnett's situation compared to that one, Ainge stressed surgery is not unavoidable this time, as it was in 2009.

"I don't think that surgery is inevitable or we need to get through the year and he's going to go in for surgery right after the year. That's the difference between (2009) and now," he said.

That explanation doesn't give me the slightest comfort.

Here comes an even worse answer to the classical "if it were a Playoff game?" question:

But I don't know if KG could play tonight if tonight was a Game 7 of the NBA Finals. My guess is he probably could. But I don't know how good he would be. He does have a little bit of a limp, but it doesn't matter. Right now, it's best for him not to play on it and aggravate it."

So, there you go. Kevin Garnett is injured, and we hope that he'll be back before Playoffs. That brings back bad memories. Let's keep our fingers crossed.