Last chance to win the division

This little mini-slump the Celtics are in has come at a very inopportune time, just as the Knicks (winners of 3 straight) have started to right their ship somewhat.  Boston now trails NY by 5.5 games with only 14 left to play.  Whether or not the C's want or care to win the Atlantic is one thing; a case can be made that they would be well suited to rest KG and Pierce down the stretch, and shoot for a first round date with the Knicks as the #6 seed.  But if a 6th straight Atlantic Division title is still something that Doc, Danny, and the rest of the team has in mind, this game tonight in Memphis is a must win.  If the C's can pull out a victory over the Grizzlies this evening, and follow it up with a home win Tuesday against New York, they would put themselves right back on pace to have a serious shot at the division title.

Part of me wants them to just give up on that right now, and focus on the road ahead without have to go all out in these last 14 games.  Who knows, maybe that's already happened, but we should have a much better idea by tomorrow.

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