Green Envy: What 76er fans said - 3/5

The C’s pulled out an ugly 109-101 win over the 76ers, much to the happiness of the Sixer fans. Most of the fans were rooting for a loss to try and land some favorable Ping-Pong balls for the upcoming draft. The majority of comments were bashing Turner/Hawes and praising Moultrie and a lot of them were pretty witty. Continue on to check the misery of 6er Nation.

Top Three:

1) I thought I'd like the NBA better when the Celtics were good because that’s how it was when I was little but the media always has on-air sex with Boston in all sports so it’s not so great after all

2) I like losing. Losing’s my favorite.

3) A 100 pts would be a good consolation….. BIG MACS

Play of the Game: (Avery Bradley's dominant peformance)

Geez is Avery about to get a career high?

The Full Slate:

Should be a good game, unless the Sixers have decided to shoot for lottery gold.

Who else enjoyed those Barkley and Shaq Ibaka junk slaps jokes

garnett can score on hawes all day

Kwame can score on Hawes all day.

damn, so far Boston is making our team look decent… so they’re playing bad defense at the start of the game lol

Moultrie is the only guy I am rooting for on the Sixers the rest of the season

The more I watch, the more giddy I get about the possibility of a Holiday-Oladipo backcourt.

definitely getting no whistles… Turner clearly got fouled, but oh well… losses .

Moultrie putback slam. Why would we have been playing all this time?

Nice move, Thad

Tha(n)d 1

he actually hit the top of the back board on a jump shot... crazy

Why does Hawes even try to post up. It’s funny when he calls for the ball on like KG and the guards are like nah spence

a nice start but the Celtics have taken control, I guess that’s not bad, unless, of course, the Sixers are still trying to make the playoffs, I’m not sure

“I don’t want to be questioning his work ethic, but it seems like he doesn’t want to play”- Shaq on Bynum, blatantly questioning his work ethic

Not saying he’s an idiot, but Shaq is dumber than the average person

To make matters worse Molly took time out of her non-busy schedule today and Tweeted at me that she is NOT broadcasting tonight so instead of seeing a charming and articulate brunette lady, I see David Aldridge, sorry David, it’s not the same

where's the halftime hangout?!?!

The bar everyone is trying to drink the last few games out of their memories.

Halftime Hangout:
1. How many points will the sixers lose by?
2. How many minutes will Moultrie play in the second half?
3. How many jumpers will Garnett swoosh in Hawes’ stupid face?
4. How many times will Turner get blocked?
5. What did you have for dinner besides poop?


when he dunks he looks soooo not athelctic

Paul Pierce=such a prick

the c’s look so lazy today

thanks for reminding us that Hawes has another year left on his contract, stupid TNT announcers

stupid fan night Lakers fans always vote in droves so the game I vote for never wins :(

Thad looks awful and good all at the same time tonight. Weird.

Courtney Lee got an eye jammy

Avery Bradley foils the Sixers again :(

Gotta get that lotto pick

There is nothing redeeming or interesting about this game

Hawes would’ve found a way to get that dunk blocked

Now Doug will ruin everything by putting Hawes back for most of the quarter. Fact.

Sorry guys – Moultrie is taking us to the playoffs.

If the Sixers are a tank... Moultrie is our helicopter…


12-point C’s lead. Sixers The Tanking Octopus approves.

ET plays like he has no brain.

2nd intermission for the Flyers, how the tanking going on over here?

Just realized that.. I’d rather have Moultrie miss than anyone else make.

Zero people on the floor who can run an offense will do this to ya


screw you Pierce

Thanks for the lotto balls though

He’s actually helping us. Celtics are mediocre, first round cannon fodder. We’ll get a lottery pick.

Top 5 pick here we come

gosh dang it Celts bombing from Plinko-land, 61 percent shooting behind the arc on the evening

Chicken or the Egg theory... Did Turner complain his way out of calls or did he come into the league just not getting calls?

Hawes almost took it to the hoop… almost.

What if... Ivey and Pargo are the same person?

Never have seen them in the same interveiw together… you may have a point.

This is a victory #Tankmode

Also really bad that Ivey just got heckled for an airball at home. Probably was faux-Celtics fans, but still.

in other news the Direct TV Genie, hot or not?

Turner with the dumbest move ever.

Big Macs for the crowd, and a loss for the standings. Everyone wins!

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