Doc to the media following tonight's loss: 'If I could've put one of you guys in, I would've'

About the only positive that can be drawn after the worst effort of the season for the Celtics, was this Doc Rivers quote following the game. Courtesy the Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes.

Honestly I would have rather seen a five-some of Dickerson-Blakely-Bulpett-Holmes-Washburn than the Lee-Crawford-Williams-White-Randolph grouping the C's ended with tonight. Not that those five guys deserve to be singled out, as I thought every Celtic not named Brandon Bass played terrible tonight, as the C's suffered their 2nd biggest blowout loss of the season to a team in the midst of the worst two year run in NBA history.

Just how bad is Charlotte (and in turn, this 26 point loss to them)? Today while previewing the match-up, I wrote an ill-timed paragraph on the Bobcats awfulness, here's what I had to say.

3. Charlotte is unspeakably bad at basketball - Some numbers to try and show just how awful MJ's gang is:

- Charlotte is 13-50 this season
- Charlotte started the season 7-5, but has gone 6-45 since November 24th
- Charlotte started the season 2-1 against teams over .500, but has gone 2-32 since November 20th (4-33 overall against .500+ clubs)
- Charlotte went 7-59 last season, the worst single season winning percentage of all time (.106)
- Charlotte is 20-109 since the 2011-12 season tipped off (a .155 winning % over nearly two seasons)
- The Orlando Magic (18 wins) are the only NBA team that have won less games this season, than the Bobcats have won over the past two seasons. Let that sink in for a moment.

Of course all of these stats were rendered moot on February 11th in Charlotte, as the C's allowed the Bobcats to score the last six points in a 94-91 loss. With that said, lightning doesn't strike twice. Boston wins this one, and I don't expect it to be all that close.

Nice prediction idiot. But take a look at those numbers again. With their win tonight Charlotte improved to 7-45 since November 24th, 2-1 vs. Boston - and 5-44 vs. everyone else. The fighting Bobs are also just 3-32 against teams above .500 since 11/20, 2-1 vs. the C's - and 1-31 vs. the rest of the league.

I'm not one to put all that much stock into one game, so I don't think this win ensures a first round exit for Boston, just as I wasn't punching their ticket to the Conference Finals after the Indiana win. With that said, losing both games in Charlotte could end up being the reason the Celts miss out on home court in the first round of the playoffs, as this loss dropped them 3 games behind the Nets, and 1 game back of the Bulls. At least we can take umbrage in the fact that the C's have made their last trip to North Carolina this season, as Charlotte's ferocious home crown is clearly in their collective heads.

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