Celtics player grades vs Utah Jazz

The Boston Celtics beat the Utah Jazz 110-107 in overtime
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Player Grades:
Players are graded on a curve
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Kevin Garnett: 13 Points, 10 Rebounds
KG had a solid game on the second half of a back-to-back, managing to give some good production. He didn't get many shots but he made the most of them, and he was good on the boards. The highlight of his night was his intelligent decision to foul Paul Millsap while the Celtics were winning by 3, while shaving as much time as possible off the clock and not allowing another Jazz player to hoist up a 3-pointer. Harder than it sounds.

Brandon Bass: 15 Points, 3 Rebounds
The offensive production was good, but the rebounding was pretty mediocre for 42 minutes of play. His jumper was off tonight, but he compensated by drawing free throws. Still he was lacking on the other side of the ball, so his contributions are a bit muddied by that.

Paul Pierce: 26 Points, 7 Rebounds, 8 Assists
The Captain absolutely killed the Jazz down the stretch, basically having his hands over all the late game plays. He hit big shots, except for the possible game-winner in regulation, but he more than made up for it. He also did a good job rebounding when the game tightened up late. The only real major fault was that he launched too many 3-pointers, and his defense was a bit shaky, but when he was efficient overall it is hard to complain.

Avery Bradley: 18 Points, 5 Rebounds
Avery did a great job carrying the team offensively early on, and keeping the deficits shorter than they would have been without him. His jumper was on today, which was great to see. His customary on-ball pressure was also on show today. Avery was quiet as the game went on, but he kept the Celtics around to let the late-game rally happen.

Courtney Lee: 14 Points, 5 Rebounds
Courtney did not get many shots tonight, but he also made up for it by drawing free throws. He did an effective job of spacing the floor, and continues to look very comfortable offensively. His game was similar to Avery's, albeit with not the same impact.

Jeff Green: 6 Points
Pretty invisible tonight. Played poorly enough that Doc gave Bass a huge helping of minutes. Didn't rebound and took far too many jumpers, none of which he hit. Could really use the long break that is coming up.

Chris Wilcox:
Got some more minutes than usual tonight, but he didn't really put up any major stats. His energy was appreciated however, along with his quick hands, but the rebounding and defense wasn't. While he did get a couple blocks/steals, his help defense continues to be a problem. Wilcox continues to be an enigma in terms of how much he can give this team.

Jason Terry: 14 Points
Terry had a more efficient game than it would seem, and it was good that he was aggressive in taking shots in the first place. He didn't get too much burn tonight, as Doc was not happy with what he saw what Terry was doing when he wasn't scoring. Classic Jason Terry game, but that is not always good.

Boston Celtics: 110 Points, 37 Rebounds, 19 Assists
The Celtics got a gusty win tonight. They didn't play very well defensively, but they kept the game close enough to get the win with late-game buckets. In all honesty this was shaping up to be a loss for the Celtics, but they still managed to pull it out in the end. Incredible heart, and the offensive production was nothing to sneeze at either. It is incredible how much this team has managed to keep the turnovers down lately, including tonight. For a team that lost such an important player, the turnovers not coming in droves have been amazing. The Celtics now get several days of rest before their next game, on Friday, against the Golden State Warriors.

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