Green Envy: What Jazz fans said - 2/25/13

Before I went to check the Jazz forums, I predicted that the bulk of the talk would be on three things: Horrible officiating at times and the fact that Celtics fans' cheers were quite audible, garnished with some OT hate on Paul Pierce. What I've seen though was a fan base that hated their coach and mocked their players for pages in a way that's quite funny. Almost zero Celtics hate, which makes this disappointing if you want to bath in Jazz fans' tears. I've begun to respect them for their knowledgeability and chill attitude.

Anyways, enjoy!

The exchange that sums it up:

* Corbin says possible line up change..
+ We're starting Al at shooting guard, Foye at the point, Marvin at PF, Millsap at SF and Uncle Jamaal at center.
+ Chris Broussard.
- Fantastic.
# this totally sucks - how long will they hold off the youth movement? Kanter should start at PG and Favors should start at SG. Burks should play C, since he out rebounds Al and Sap anyway..."

Top 3 self-haters:

"They should make big Al a judge at the dunk contest. No one in the league watches as many dunks as he does."
"These refs are almost as bad as the Jazz starters."
"I think Jefferson is playing for the celtics hes screen a jazz player twice already."

The sad state of the Jazz Nation:

"Whats up Jazz fans.
Us Suns fans will be rooting for you guys for the rest of the season, so expect a few mroe of us popping in your forum. (We want L.A's Lottery pick)
Go Jazz!!"

The final nail in the coffin:

"how can we have a boston player open on the inbound?! we have the numbers - 5 jazz players on 4 boston players on the court, and one out of it. yet we still manage to NOT cover a celtic even though we have numbers.

we lost. i'm super pissed."

The rest:
"I really, really hate the Celtics....... We really have to win this one......"

"According to reliable sources Earl Watson is starting tonight. Yes, this is the change we needed. /facepalm
Can we get a real head coach please?"

"Bradley is a player I want on the Jazz......"

"If kanter could grab the ball he would have 12 points."

"i know i say this every game almost, but if the jazz lose this game i'm gonna be super pissed."

"My excitement over this current lineup's success is tempered knowing that Corbin will sub most of them out in 3 minutes."


"- Wow just can't catch a break. Or a damn rebound.
+ Our non-rebounding bigs are in. What do you expect?"

"Look what happens when you get the ball out of Pierce's hands. Imagine where this team would be if we had a smart coaching staff."

"Jazz are down 3 with 13.8 seconds left, but according to Bolerjack you should just take the best shot available. That's his Kansas St. education showing."

"Whatever we do, do not and I repeat, do not give it to burks"

"Phil Johnson on the postgame said "you just need to get the ball out of Pierce's hands.".