Celtics making run at Tyreke Evans, still dark horse for Josh Smith [Update]

Could Danny Ainge finally swing a deal for Tyreke Evans?

That's what the latest rumors are telling us. Evans name has come up a lot in connection with the Celtics over the years, now with the team desperate for back court help, it appears Ainge is trying to make this happen.

The Kings seem to be having a fire sale of sorts, as they just traded away this year's 5th overall pick Thomas Robinson to the Houston Rockets. Just about everyone on the Celtics has been brought up in trade rumors, so it's unclear who might go in this deal if it were to happen. One thing's for sure though, it's going to take more than just Courtney Lee or Fab Melo - Celtics' fans favorite players to put in trade scenarios.

Of course, it's the Kings, so who knows.

The other significant news is that the Celtics are still kind of in the running for Josh Smith. Yesterday, it was reported by Woj that the team wasn't in the top three. By "darkhorse" I think that might mean that if all their other deals fall through, Atlanta could consider some combination of Pierce/Bass/Green for Smith.

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