Ainge: "I too would like to see Paul retire as a Celtic...Having said that"

Danny Ainge went on WEEI Thursday afternoon and had all the usual general managerish things to say about possible moves the Celtics could make, meaning he didn’t have much to say.

I’m not entirely sure why people ask Danny Ainge, or any other general manager for that matter, questions about trades.

Do people expect an honest answer? Do they expect him to say, “Oh yea, we’re totally looking to get that guy out of here.” or “We are doing everything we can to trade for him.”

The most interesting part was where he talked about Paul Pierce’s future as a Celtic:

Nothing has been talked about with Paul," said Ainge. Nothing is close to being done.
I too would like to see Paul retire as a Celtic. That would be great. We're all attached to Paul. He's been great for the city, the franchise, and he's been a true pro. Having said that, if something came up I would talk to Paul. My job is to do what's in the best interest of our team, regardless of my personal ties or my personal feelings with the players."

While many fans will cry sacrilege, and some already have, for even thinking of trading Pierce, I don’t mind it. Not because I want Pierce gone, even though his game has slipped some, but because you don’t want your GM to make emotional decisions.

If there is a move to make Boston better now, in the future or both, would you really not trade Pierce because of sentimental value? Think of it this way: would you turn down a trade for Kevin Durant and a couple first round picks for Pierce? Exactly, even as a Pierce-loving fan there is a line you would cross to trade him. So of course, the guy paid to make sure the team doesn’t suck has to be even more cold and calculating.

For those who want to know what he said about trades in general here you go:

We are open and listening, but we don't feel pressure to do anything," said Ainge.
"Whether we win every game or whether we struggle, I think it all depends on what opportunities are presented. We want to make some change to help improve our team."

Ainge also addressed the “Boston is better without Rajon Rondo” crowd:

He single-handedly carries us every night, and I don't know how people don't see that," said Ainge. "It's silly. He's a great, great player, and he's proven that time and time again. The guy's been MVP of probably four or five series over the last five years. He's been the best player in a series against LeBron James. He's been the best player in a series against Derrick Rose. He's been the best player in three games in a Finals series. The guy has done too many good things. The question is, 'Are the pieces right around him?'"

Just a reminder, the guy’s business is deception so he can say all these things and then blow the team up tomorrow or trade Rondo after he comes back healthy. Remember the shock and awe trade of Kendrick Perkins last year? Who saw that coming? Take anything Ainge says with a grain of salt.