Two reasons not to freak out about the Celtics

1.  Avery Bradley is back.  No, this will not solve everything.  Yes, many Boston fans (myself included) are probably putting way too much stock into this.  But, there is very real evidence that suggests the C's are a much better team with him in the lineup.  Since the start of last year the Celtics have played 96 regular season games.  They are 19-28 when Bradley plays fewer than 10 minutes (or not at all), and 34-15 when he plays ten or more.

2.  The same things all happened a year ago.  In fact, it's so similar it's eerie.  The Celts have just been blown out in 3 straight road games to fall to 14-16.  Last season they suffered a 5 game skid that left them at 15-17.  The final 3 losses of that streak were all by 15 or more, and all away from the Garden.  But, from then on they went 24-10 to close out the season.

So as long as Boston can beat Memphis at home tomorrow in Bradley's return, everything will be fine.  If not, then it's time to freak out.*

*This last sentence was about 55% sarcastic, 45% serious.  That's way too close to serious.  And thanks to @StatsAdam for the Bradley numbers.

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