The Knicks are spying on opposing teams to see if they're saying mean things to Melo

Honey Nut Cheerios is apparently the gift that keeps on giving.

Today ESPN is reporting that Knicks owner, and certified weirdo James Dolan, has installed two microphones on opposing ends of the court in an effort to 'record all in-game conversations'. According to the article, Dolan's goal is to see if players are going overboard with the trash talk towards Anthony. Some excerpts from Ian Begley's article (link).

Owner James Dolan ordered Madison Square Garden technicians to place two microphones on opposite ends of the court, a move league sources told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard was put in place in order to protect Anthony.

The Knicks were trying to ascertain whether other players were going overboard in their trash talking against Anthony, sources told Broussard.

It is not clear whether the recordings will continue, but sources tell Broussard that any move to paint them as Dolan "spying" on Anthony is "flat-out wrong."

The Newark Star Ledger first reported Dolan's order to record Anthony's on-court conversations, as well as those around him."

"The newspaper reported that Dolan ordered the tapes to be sent directly to him. The Post reported that the microphones were in place for Sunday's home game against New Orleans as well.

Anthony confronted Garnett last Monday near the Celtics' bus after their game that night because he was upset over a verbal insult the Celtics' big man directed at him during the game.

Gotta love billionaire's with absolutely nothing better to do with their times than trying to play amateur detective. I picture Dolan sitting in his office with one of those 'Spy Kits' that I had when I was like 8. "Does the tape recorder require AA or AAA batteries? Why doesn't it say on the box!"

Well whatever he's looking for, I hope he finds it. God knows that no NBA player ever said anything mean to one another before last week.


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