Lowering the boom on Brandon Bass

The Celtics are staring into the deep abyss of the road to nowhere. It's not pretty and Brandon Bass is doing his utmost to set the position of power forward back to the days of the peach basket. In some of my earlier posts I predicted that Bass would not live up to the his contract.  That Jared Sullinger would have the Celtics brass thinking that they don't need Bass.  Well, BB's play of late has made the decision an easy one.

Last season Bass displayed a confidence and consistency in his game because there was no one their to challenge him.  Sully has eaten into his minutes and he hasn't made the necessary adjustments. it has become evident that doc believes in the rookie Sullinger as well as Pierce, Rondo, and Garnett.

Instead of embracing the successes of Boston's 2012 draft pick, he gripes about his minutes. When he was asked about his minutes by ESPN's Chris Forsberg he responded with:

"I mean, if you consider my numbers down, you've got to look all around," Bass said. "So if you see my numbers down then you see my minutes. If my minutes are down, OK, that plays a role. Then you look at how many opportunities I get -- that plays a role. And you get what you get."

If the Celtics' could get Bass to be half of what he was during last years post season this would not be an issue. He is being force fed minutes he hasn't even earned and it may not be sitting well in the locker room.  Sully should be starting.  He has proven he can play below the rim as an undersized four.

Doc is being stubborn and it is up to Celtic management to put him in the bench-role he is more suited for or trade him.