Brandon Bass frustrated with minutes, role, production

"I mean, if you consider my numbers down, you've got to look all around," Bass said. "So if you see my numbers down then you see my minutes. If my minutes are down, OK, that plays a role. Then you look at how many opportunities I get -- that plays a role. And you get what you get."

Asked if he's satisfied with the season he's having, Bass was very direct: "No, I'm not satisfied."

Bass' basic stats aren't the only ones that pale in comparison to last season. Per Basketball-Reference, Bass' usage rate of 15.6 this season is down considerably from 19.8 last season (and 19.2 for his career), which suggests he's not being utilized as much on the offensive end. His shooting numbers fall in line with that, as he's taking nearly four fewer shots per game this season, and he's even seen a decline in field goal attempts from some of his most common shooting areas on the floor. Per HoopData, Bass' attempts from 10-15 feet are down from 2.1 last season to 1.5 this season, and from 16-23 feet his attempts are down from 5.1 to 3.2.

Bass dismissed the idea of being more hesitant on the offensive end this season, suggesting some different offensive schemes haven't granted him the same looks as last year.

"Absolutely frustrating," Bass said of his shifting role. "But when you're a role player, that happens. So you've just got to make the best of your time on the court."

Asked what he would like to see different over the second half of the season, Bass offered: "Everything that comes with having better production. That's what I would like to see improve. I would like to see me being more efficient with the shots I do get, making them, try to be perfect out there. Minutes go up."

Excuse me for second. When did Bass' ego get so big? He's a career back-up who always struggles to break into rotations until injuries made him a starter with Boston last year. He broke the bank and got heinously overpaid by Danny Ainge this past Summer. He might be the most untradeable player on the team due to that contract.

You can get guys who give his production for about a third of the cost. And while the team struggles, it appears his main concern is his minutes. Sorry, but not a good look for Brandon "No Pass" bass today. And here I thought Big Baby had the bigger diva ego. Ironically Bass ended up getting paid more than Baby got. Bass needs to stop talking and play harder in whatever minutes he gets. He's lucky he's getting the minutes he's gotten based on his putrid play. On Celtics teams of the past that actually had some semblance of big man depth, Bass would be glued to the bench.

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